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Why choose MMSTC

Butcher Educational Center uses a holistic approach to educating our specialized populations using innovative curriculum, technology, and real life applications while fostering a sense of community and integrity. The mission of the Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center, in partnership with families and communities, is to create the best innovative environment which fosters excellence and vision in teaching, learning, and discovering the relationships of mathematics, science, technology, and society.

Skiing Trip

Hanson's Ski and Tubing Hill

Juniors and seniors had a thrilling time skiing and tubing together on one of the best days of the winter. The sun was shining, but the slopes were great! The first hour of our adventure took us to the tubing hill. It was an All-MMSTC-on-the-hill hour. Next, we took a ski lesson and hit the slopes. Thank you to Mr. Supal and Mrs. Dewey for organizing such an awesome event!

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Freshmen Update

Research and Presentations

Freshmen are beginning research this semester, and they are ready to go! After finishing up their project presentations, freshmen moved on to projects and presentations in GAT, IDS, and Biology. Presentation skills have never been better at the freshman level. Nice work Freshmen! We are excited to see all that you accomplish!

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MMSTC Family Bonding

Ice Skating, Broom Ball, and Cards

What could be better than ice skating and broom ball? Whether students were just learning or were seasoned hockey players and figure skaters, spending a couple hours together as an MMSTC family is always a good time. Who was the MVBBP (Most-Valuable-Broom-Ball-Player)? Mr. Supal, of course!

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The Giving Tree

Using Our Powers for Good

Freshman classes did a great job with the giving tree. Our Butcher community is bonding together to help out a local family in need. Thank you to all the programs here at BEC for making one family's holiday season just a little brighter.

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Poster Contest

Using Public Education for Good Use

What are you going to do with your public education? Students represented this answer in a poster contest. The entries this year were amazing. Teachers and staff here at Butcher Education Center are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and help students reach their goals.

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Hour of Code

Learning a New Language

It is back! The Hour of Code is just the start of a possible career path in programming and design. Try it out! Computer programming may be in your future. The tutorials range from easy to challenging and begin with kindergartners. It's never to early to start a new language. How about a programming language?

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Senior Science Fair

After an intense first semester of research and presentations, the science fair season has begun! The festivities began Tuesday night at the People's Choice Science Fair. Spectators were given a limited number of Supal Bucks to finance a deserving project. The excitement continued on Wednesday morning when researchers presented their projects to a panel of distinguished judges. The top two projects were selected in all three sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), and an overall winner was chosen. The Class of 2017 made it very difficult for our judges! Seniors researched some relevant and innovative ideas.

Wayne State University

Freshmen go to Wayne

Freshmen had their first combined field trip to Wayne State University. The weather was great, the presentations were informative, and alumni were as helpful and inspiring as ever. Students got tours and heard presentations from the colleges of engineering, pharmacy, and occupational therapy. It was great seeing all our MMSTC alumni who are presently attending Wayne State. They gave advice and talked about their college experiences. We have alumni in engineering, medicine, English, business, chemistry, biology, and computer programming. We are so thankful for our extended MMSTC family.

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Oakland University

Sophomores go to Oakland

It was a beautiful fall day on the hilly campus of Oakland University. Students explored the Honors College and the many programs that Oakland has to offer. They toured the Health Sciences and Engineering buildings, as well as the Student Activities Center, a couple dorm rooms, the bookstore and one of the dining facilities. Lunch was eaten in a banquet room while the Dean of the Honors College spoke about the program. Then MMSTC alumni shared their experiences at Oakland University and told the sophomores what from MMSTC helped them the most.

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Marshmallow Tower Project

Not for S'mores, Not for Cocoa

At MMSTC, students build towers to see who can design the highest structure with a marshmallow on top! Groups of four students each were given twenty spaghetti noodles, a string, a tape, and a marshmallow to see who could design the highest tower. Students learned how important leadership, teamwork, and prototyping are when you need to accomplish a task in a set amount of time. All groups gave a valiant effort, but only three could actually hold the marshmallow. McGyver's got nothing on those groups!

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Students from grades 9-12 gathered in the haunted cafetorium to enjoy some ghoulish games, devilish dancing, and creepy crazy crafts. Everyone from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to the Mario Cart Crew, which included Luigi, Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, Mario, and Yoshi, came to join in the festivities! Many other fun and spooky characters could be found there too. Sharkman, Pumpkin girl and Spooky Scary Skeleton Pumpkin Man all came to join in on the fun!

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AM Homecoming

Celebration for Morning Students

After sophomore Jessie Ludwick wowed the crowd with her singing of the national anthem, the 9A Eyepods competed against the old class of 2019 Left-Sharks in a heated battle for the Homecoming Championship Title. The Eyepods had the lead for the entire first half, but the Left-Sharks (with a few ringers from the Googlers) won in the last seconds of the second half. At half-time, the Eyepod Dance Team took center-field and danced a little number for "All the Single Ladies." The Eyepods even had a trombone player representing the band.

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PM Homecoming

Celebration for Noon Students

Intensity: the best word to describe the battle between the 9B Buccaneers and the 9C Turtles! It was a nail-biter throughout the entire game, but because of the two touchdown scores by MVP Olivia Maurice, the Buccaneers came out ahead. The festivities were kicked off by 9B's amazing rendition of the national anthem. 9C's half-time performance of YMCA, complete with dancers, was as good as it gets! With the cheerleaders and the PEP band makin' it loud, homecoming was a complete success, with no injuries on game day!

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Alumni Spotlight

Grace Hsia, class of 2008, comes back home to share her expertise as a physics judge for our annual MMSTC science fair. She said she remembers what it was like to be in their shoes, presenting her science project and how nervous she was back then. Now a graduate of University of Michigan 2012 with a B.S.E. in Materials Science Engineering and a Master of Entrepreneurship from U of M College of Engineering and Ross School of Business 2013, she is Cofounder and CEO of Warmilu LLC. In 2016 she was recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30: Manufacturing and Industry Honoree for her contributions to improving Manufacturing & Industry in her work at the University of Michigan and Warmilu. So what is Warmilu? Warmilu is a non-electric warming technology company sharing warmth to help reduce infant mortality and morbidity from hypothermia and provide pain management. Grace is pictured with her invention here.

Other science fair judges who were MMSTC alumni include: Aaron Setlak, class of 1994, Athletic Director of Cousino High School, Tony Grittini, class of 2007, now working as the Physical Properties Administrator, Dow Corning Corp./Global Capital Engineering. Ryan DuTour, class of 2010, Transmission Analysis Engineer at GM, and Dylan Twardy, class of 2013, soon graduating from Oakland University with a B.S. Engineering Chemistry degree.

Sophomore Camp

Building Activities and Bowling

Tenth graders learned a little bit more about themselves and each other as they spent a whole day doing team building activities and crafts. Friends were made and bonds were strengthened as everyone bowled a couple games at Regal Lanes on Mound. The walk there and back on such a beautiful Fall day provided just the opportunity for fun conversation and camaraderie.

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Freshman Bonding

The Beginning of a New Bond

It's that time of year again, when freshmen can be seen decorating shirts, practicing a musical half-time performance, making banners, and designing football plays for the annual touch football MMSTC-style homecoming celebration. Morning students square off against the sophomores, and afternoon classes 9B and 9C compete. The day is filled with food, fun, and friends, marking the beginning of the Class of 2020's bonding experience!

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Capture the Flag

The Big Senior Competition

Teams were picked, friends were made, and team and family bonds were strengthened to start off a great senior year! Although BLUE won, we are all winners here at MMSTC! Good luck seniors! This is the year you can truly make a positive impact on the world you live in! We are excited to see the awesome research and ideas you come up with!

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Math Club

Getting Right Down to Business

The Math Club had its first meeting and got right down to business with the first challenge of the year. Missed the first meeting? Check in with Mr. Acre and join in on the fun! The next meeting is on October 18th.

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Helpful and Healthy

The entire Butcher family joined together to support our PTO and our schools in the second annual Jog-a-thon. Students from all programs, from 6th grade to 12th grade, ran (or walked) for thirty minutes. This is helpful for our school and healthy for our hearts!

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First Days of School

Getting Right Down to Business

Welcome MMSTC students! We are excited for another year of growth and learning adventure. After Mrs. Dewey's motivating opener, and Dr. Neuhoff's positive policy reminder, school is officially back in session. Freshmen students worked in groups to create their first build using limited materials, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors jumped right into class information!

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