For almost a decade, website building, graphic design, and multimedia development have been three of my favorite hobbies. On June 20, 2016, I collaborated with a group of young prospective coders and entrepreneurs that are passionate in website development and graphic design to form Auraspace. I attain satisfaction only when our client has achieved their purpose due to our determined efforts. Producing value-added products by delivering inspirational work is my mission, and its unanticipated accomplishments are also what motivates me in the long run.

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The Number Devil


  Red Encabo · 2017

Personal portfolio for myself: a young student, website builder and designer, graphic designer, chorister, and pianist.

  Auraspace · 2017

Auraspace builds websites that takes businesses and people to infinity and beyond. Let them do the same for you.

  RFD Report · 2016

The RFD Report is a blog for my perspectives on the hottest news, politics, and personal stories. Stay tuned every month.

  MMSTC · 2017

The mission of MMSTC is to create the best innovative environment which fosters excellence and vision in teaching, learning, and discovering the relationships of mathematics, science, technology, and society.

  MMSTC Physics · 2017

In collaborations with Butcher peers Eric and Stephen, I made a new website for my physics teacher. Users will find it easier to navigate through calendars, class notes, and essential resources.

  MMSTC Music · 2017

Not that this music website is particularly special, but I finished this class assignment in less than two hours. That alone is something to be proud of.

  WMHS Baseball · 2017

Warren Mott hosts a long legacy of talented baseball teams, players, and coaches throughout the years. The team intends to continue this legacy in the 2017 season with a new manager and staff.

  WMHS American Govt · 2017

The United States government consists of multiple branches, checks and balances, a constitution, and more, which determine what best serves its people. Students will learn how the government and its power developed throughout history.

  WMHS Accounting · 2017

Students will expand their knowledge of manual and computerized accounting procedures. Decision-making skills in budgeting, departmental accounting systems, payroll procedures, and simulated accounting experiences will be emphasized.

  KKPM · 2016

The Kapulungan ng mga Katolikong Pilipino sa Michigan (KKPM) is a Roman Catholic-based organization whose primary mission is to spread the word of God to local Michigan Filipinos.

  WMHS Prom · 2017

Prom is coming in a matter of weeks, and to truly celebrate it, I wanted to especially create a new website for Warren Mott's prom that matched the Great Gatsby theme.

  MMSTC Framework · 2017

Need help doing the HTML website assignment for interdisciplinary studies? The MMSTC Framework is specifically built to simplify production while allowing users to explore website development through CSS.

Student, freelancer, and pianist.

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View a collection of my most recent extracurricular works, particularly in website development, graphic design, and music.


RFD Report

RFD Report takes a look at the most important news, locally and worldwide.

RFD Report


Starting this summer, Auraspace will develop a new cloud-oriented application. Feel free to view the current website.