With diligence and willpower,

I vision myself to become a computer engineer and global entrepreneur. My experience with computers and programming go as far back as when I was in third grade. For almost ten years, my favorite hobbies include designing graphics and developing websites. Eventually, I became extraordinarily interested in using my talent and skills for profit. That is why, as a freelancer, I formed a company that focuses on giving businesses a remarkable, unforgettable image. With Auraspace, my hope is to start local businesses in Warren with a brand refresh that extends their customer reach. My prodigious interest in entrepreneurship and sight for leadership will result in a vast improvement in general business appeal, a boost for the economy, and great personal wealth and satisfaction.

One-Year Goals

Succeed in MSU Honors College

For at least one year, my goal as an undergraduate freshman is to academically succeed in Michigan State University’s Honors College by maintaining a 3.50 or higher grade point average. I have already succeeded expectations in high school by ranking in the top five in the class with a 1360 SAT, and attending the Honors College at Michigan State will allow me to seize academic opportunities that emphasize challenge and achievement. It will be a statement on my work ethic and ability to go above and beyond. My plan to improve my chances of success here is to spend more time studying independently. This was initially established by agreeing, by contract, to live in a dorm alone. As an introvert, it is essential that I am free of distractions, especially when working. Failing to succeed in Honors College as a freshman will give me no choice but to drop out.

Become Independent

Knowing that I have no choice but to move out of my house in the fall—due to housing requirements and driving time from Warren to East Lansing—I will need to learn how to live independently as a young adult. I previously know of the fiscal and personal responsibilities of being independent, but now that I am eighteen, I seek to establish these ideas into my life. One way I will signify my independence is by applying for a part-time job. Regardless of the employment, it will give me a small perception of how the real world works after graduating college. Everything that my parents have done in their early years will finally be coming to fruition as an undergraduate freshman. If somehow, I do not get hired, I can freelance as a website and graphic designer, which I moreover did during high school.

Five-Year Goals

Obtain Bachelor's and MBA

In five years, I will have graduated Michigan State University (and/or the University of Michigan, which depends on my application status) with both a four-year bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a four-year master of business administration (MBA) degree. At this point in my life, I will have acquired more-than-sufficient knowledge in computers, technology, business, and communications. For two years, I will attend Michigan State University and its Honors College to enhance my experience with computers. This will be followed by another two years at the University of Michigan, if allowed admission. Although I can learn business at Michigan State, I learned while writing my letter to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business that the University of Michigan’s business school offers the most opportunities for a student who desires to operate a business. They do more than transform “wantrepreneurs” to entrepreneurs, such as helping students to communicate with other clients and businessmen, which I desperately need. If not allowed to transfer to the University of Michigan to major in business administration, I am willing to make my time in Michigan State the most important period of my career development.

Raise Funds for Small Business

As soon as I major in computer engineering and business administration, I will have enough funding to start my own business. Working part-time will pay for most accumulated debt from tuition, room, room, and personal spending. There are not many requirements I have to face afterwards, other than the fact that I need to lease an office. Other sources of funding, including but not limited to my work as a freelancer, my parents, or my brother, can additionally pay for needed employees. If I do not achieve this in five years, the most important thing to do is to be patient. It is vital to have everything settled before starting something that requires great risk, and remember: which great patience comes great reward.

Ten-Year Goals

Further Develop Knowledge

Although I will have graduated from college in five years, my quest for knowledge does not stop there. As a computer engineer and amateur entrepreneur, I will observe how businesses communicate, bring about new concepts and ideas, and market products and services. This way I can improve upon the best methods of providing products and services to potential clients and customers. The primary goal of this is to use such knowledge to operate my business efficiently and effectively. I will continue to develop my knowledge in computer engineering, business administration, and business management until I experience profound success as an entrepreneur.

Expand Business Globally

I have never just wanted to run my own business—I want to operate my company worldwide. This is something I seek to do several years after starting up my business in a local scale. The important part of expanding my business to a global scale is to provide products and services that clients and customers truly demand. In other words, this means providing innovative products and services that are advantageous to its customers [and their lifestyles.] Another step to expanding my business is to recruit people who are the best at their position. I will know who is the best at their respective jobs by obtaining more-than-sufficient knowledge on businesses, entrepreneurship, computers, and technology. For me, there is no option to leave the business field: transforming my company to an international scale can take more than ten years. Again, patience is rewarding.

Extracurricular activities help people, colleges, and universities know that I am a well-rounded person. Many colleges, universities, workplaces, and companies are seeking well-rounded students: whether they can master an instrument, play a sport, speak another national language, or code. Not only do extracurricular activities benefit the person doing them, but they ultimately increase the probability of university admission and likelihood of achieving scholarships. Even if extracurricular activities keep me busy, they are activities I enjoy as well.

I have received many accolades and achievements regarding academic and extracurricular activities. My very first academic award was received back in the third grade: with more than eighteen A's in the class, I received Summa Cum Laude, the highest honor given any student that year. I received all-A honor rolls the entire period I attended Beer Middle School, and my GPA has been maintained above 4.00. These awards and achievements show how I can be determined to succeed in my academic work while performing many activities outside of school.

DSO CYE Jazz Band

Known to be one of the finest orchestras in Michigan, they helped develop young instrumentalists into great musicians. By joining the Civic Jazz Band and Concert Jazz Band, I am expanding my career as a musician.

KKPM Choir

Currently the KKPM choir's pianist, I have assisted instrumentalists in transposing and practicing their music. The group's primary mission is to bring more people "closer to God."

Isang Binhi

The Isang Binhi Choir performs in weddings, funerals, masses, and up stage. The majority of the money we receive from our performances were given to charity.

The Spirit of Love

Isang Binhi has merged with with the Spirit of Love Choir to sing in masses held at St. Thomas of Garden City, MI. Masses where the choir performs take place every fifth Sunday.

American Guild of Music

The American Guild of Music has been "building young musicians today for a better tomorrow" since 1901. I competed as a pianist at the Detroit-Wayne Metropolitan Airport for five years. I was a top-three winner from 2010 until 2013.

Our Lady of Grace

My brother and I are altar servers at Our Lady of Grace, a catholic church located only a few minutes from our home. Such services are conducted every second Saturday.

San Pedro Calungsod

San Pedro Calungsod Choir is a Visayan-based Michigan choir group that formerly performed in Visayan masses at St. Dennis. Since the church's closing, they transferred their services to St. Rene at Sterling Heights.

National Honors Society

The National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. They serve to recognize students that demonstrate excellence in areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Website and Graphic Design

With a heavy interest in website and graphic design, I initially created websites with simple website-building platforms. I started coding HTML and CSS and applied them into my websites' structure and designs two years after my debut.

36th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Test List: 1st Place (2013)

35th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Test List: 2nd Place (2012)

34th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Test List: 3rd Place (2011)

33rd Annual Great Lakes Contest
Test List: 1st Place (2010)

37th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2014)

36th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2013)

35th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2012)

34th Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2011)

33rd Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2010)

32nd Annual Great Lakes Contest
Evaluation AAA (2009)

Student, freelancer, and pianist.

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